What you must know about packing for Kilimanjaro

The Zip Lock bag packing system

Most packing check lists you get from mountain tour operators will probably tell you what clothes and meds to pack for the hike. As much as I trusted that blindly, I still felt like I needed more advise on what to do if I’m super freezing in the middle of the cracking night, or what to do if I get nauseated. I researched alot, and prepared for Kilimanjaro as much as I could. But for some parts, I hard to learn either the hard way or come up with random hacks on how to stay comfy when you’re obviously not.

The guide to London’s best foodie spots

Come on be honest. Wouldnt you want some?

In my part of the world, Arabs are known for two things when in #Landan! Either they stick to finding Arabic or Indian food because they can’t live without rice, or they only dine in cliche fancy restaurants around Mayfair, Parklane and Knightsbridge. Go figure!  Im not here to prove anyone wrong, but let’s say, I know there is loads more to this metropolitan city than meets the eye.

Review: Abu Dhabi’s Caramel Restaurant and Lounge

Baked Alaska

Nothing excites me more than seeing my beautiful Abu Dhabi grow along with new dining scenes popping up like mushrooms. I was invited by the Caramel group to try their restaurant and review their menu. Having tried the Dubai branch some 2 years ago and enjoying the experience, it made sense to try the one in my hometown.

Paleo Gluten-Free Brownies

Avocado Brownies_

Paleo, a word I had so much prejudice against for a long time. However, a while after I made some healthy modifications to my diet I realized that around 2/3rds of my average daily food intake could be classified as paleo, while the third that’s left mainly consists of complex carbs and grains, whey protein powder and an occasional protein bar (Quest Bar).

What going to a Food blogging conference means

Bubbling Paella

A couple of months ago, somewhere along the twittosphere, I stumbled upon an announcement for early bird tickets to Food Blogger Connect. I clicked on the link out of sheer curiosity of what a food blogging conference entails. What I encountered a few minutes later in information sealed the deal for me. Having re-launched Pots & Patterns earlier this year after a long break, it made sense to attend, seek inspiration and learn from like-minded bloggers in the industry.

When we went to #FindSalt in Abu Dhabi


As a kid growing up in Abu Dhabi, one of my most cherished food memories would have to be the sound of the ice-cream truck driving around our neighborhood. There was something about the jingles coming out of the van that enchanted us like hypnotherapy. Only this time, it was feeding our addiction for ice cream, not getting rid of it.

Peanut Butter Overnight Oats with Berries


It wasn’t long ago when I tried making overnight oats for my “on the go” breakfast fix. As the name suggests, you prepare them the night before, and have them for brekkie next morning. That’s why I find them so convenient and versatile. You get to play around with ingredients that work best for you. I have so far tried it with raw cacao powder, vanilla, rose water and mangoes, even saffron for a middle eastern flair.

Queens from the Emirati Heritage

"Tally" Hand made Embroidery

There is nothing quite like taking a trip down heritage lane. Qasr Al Hosn, in it’s second year, is a culmination of all things historic about the Emirati way of life. A 10 day educational event that always takes place at the first permanent

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stone watch tower that housed the royal family (In Arabic, Qasr means palace and Hosn means Fort). Whilst events like these are an interactive wealth

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to expats and tourists, the locals find it even more amusing because it takes them back in time to re-live stories that were told by their ancestors. Mind you, other neighboring Gulf countries shared similarities in their way of life, therefore not exclusive to the UAE only.

When in #MyDubai, Tom&Serg it

Gado Surprise

Tom and Serg is located in a rather unassuming warehouse-ish area next to ACE Hardware that’s not easy to miss. The interiors are cleverly reminiscent of minimalist industrial chic decor. High uncovered ceilings, scrapped walls softened with the right amount of piped lighting, recycled Captain oat tins are placed on the center of every table to hold utensils. Simple recycling genius. An idea I want to replicate for my new apartment. The decor allows the simplistic beauty of its dishes to shine through.

MIA Cafe : My not so secret blogging getaway

Kebbe Burger

You know the feeling when there’s work to finish from your laptop (aka blogging) but still need to get out of the house for a breather? Yes that! I get it a lot. It takes being in a certain state of mind, and for me, the one place I always love going to is the MIA Cafe at the Museum of Islamic Art when I’m in Doha.

Easy, Creamy Homemade Almond Milk


Never in my life have I tried almond milk until recently, and boy am I glad I finally did! The first kind I tried was the unsweetened store-bought version, which I thought tasted pretty good. At 35 calories per serving and lactose-free, I was extremely pleased. However, one day stores ran out of that particular kind and I got the idea of making my own. Now trust me when I say that once you try homemade almond milk it would be hard to go back to the store-bought one.

Crossfit and Confused Chickens


The second Tuesday of every February marks the National Sports Day in Qatar. In a bid to get the nation moving and active, corporations and sport clubs throughout the country organize sport activities on the streets for everyone to join and have fun with their family and friends (don’t be surprised to find the Emir running or riding next to you). So yes, its technically an official day off from work, but (yes there is a but), it warrants that you have take part on this day. HA!